Hire a Mermaid

Nikky is the first and only PADI Mermaid Instructor on our Spanish Coast, making these experiences unique!

Here are a few options of what we offer. If you would like to become a Mermaid or organize a mermaid class please click here

All events can be done in Spanish, English and Dutch

Dry Party - Kids between 1-5 years old

The activities:

- Sing alongs such as 'If you're happy and you know it' or 'Baby Shark'.

- Bubble play

- Mermaid swimming demonstration, tail splash, hair flip, spins, handstands...

- Simon says

- Stories of mermaid adventures

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Kids between 6-12 years old

The activities:

- Mini mermaid swim lesson

- Swim with a partner

- Treasure hunt (toys at the bottom of the pool)

- Friendly competitions

- Practise handstands and back flips

- Learn how to do underwater kisses

- Mermaid tail splash

- Mermaid high fives

- Underwater secrets

- The shark (someone pretends to be a shark while mermaids must cross the swimming pool without the shark touching them)

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Other Events

Our mermaids are perfect for pool openings, weddings, real estate showing, product launch, pool parties, baby showers, hotel openings...

If you have any special request please let us know, we can do nearly everything!

Price: From €250

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  • Pool

    If you have a pool, please let us know the temperature. The minimum is around 27ºC, but the warmer the better.

  • Supervising children

    Mermaids are not lifeguards or babysitters. If kids are poor swimmers, please give them waterwings or other flotation devices. We also encourage parents to get involved when their children are very young.

  • Mermaid Arrival

    15min before arrival, the mermaid will call you. Please make sure no one is around the area when getting changed (takes 5-10 minutes) to not ruin the magic. At the end, please try to do the same.

    Once the tail is on, the mermaid cannot walk.

Watch this video of a mermaid underwater