Become a Mermaid

Nikky is the first and only PADI Mermaid Instructor on our Spanish Coast, making these experiences unique!

Here are the courses you can take to become a mermaid today!

All courses can be done in English, Spanish and Dutch

PADI Discover Mermaid Diving Experience

This programme is to discover the world of mermaiding and to see if you like it.

It consists of an explanation in which we talk about breathhold techniques, how to roll face up if needed and explain games, followed by a water session in the pool in which we practise to swim with a mermaid tail and play fun games to get comfortable swimming as mermaids or merman.

Minimum age: 6 years old

It is the only one without a certification.

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PADI Basic Mermaid Course

This course is the first step in the mermaiding world.

It includes independent study, which is online theory done at your pace and availability. Once done, we start with the confined water session, including the following:

- Swimming on the surface using the mermaid swim

- Mermaid rescue skills (so you're prepared in the case of an emergency)

- Vertical dives with the tail

- Equalization

- Mermaiding without a mask

- Appropiate exit technique

At the end of the course you receive an official PADI basic Mermaid certification

Minimum age: 6 years old

Prerequisites: Ability to swim atleast 25m without swim aids & ability to float at the surface for at least 3 minutes.

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PADI Mermaid Course

In this second official course you learn even more about the world of mermaiding.

First, you learn the second part of the theory, which again is online and independent, meaning you can do it anywhere in the world at your own pace. Once done, we go to a confinded water session where we repeat what was taught in the PADI Basic Mermaid course, but also include:

- Removing mermaid equipment as emergency drill

- Dynamic apnea

- U shape and C shape turns

- Buddy dives (handshakes, bubble kisses, bubble hearts...)

And much more.

After completion, you will receive an official PADI Mermaid certification.

Minimum age: 10 years old

Duration: 6 hours

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PADI Advanced Mermaid Course

The last step to advance your skills and knowledge about mermaiding.

This course teaches you everything there is to know, by completing the theory giving you the third part online, completed with independent study making it flexible and comfortable, and then moved into a confined water session where we practise all that was taught before, finished by going into the sea for two dives!

During the two dives you learn how to adapt all that was done in the confined water space to the different conditions the ocean gives.

After completion, you will receive an official PADI Advanced Mermaid certification.

Minimum age: 12 years old

Duration: 10 hours

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  • Pool

    If you have a pool, please let us know the temperature. The minimum is around 27ºC, but the warmer the better.

  • Official certifications

    The certifications you receive after the three courses are recognised worldwide, meaning you will be able to enjoy mermaiding wherever you are.

    Please remember mermaiding is a very new area and nearly no centres have tails available, so we encourage you to buy one after completing the courses.

Watch this video of a mermaid underwater