PADI Digital Underwater Photographer Course - Worth it?

PADI Digital Underwater Photographer Course - Worth it?

You might think having to buy a camera in order to take pictures underwater is the only step you have to take, but did you know there is a course which can help you take those amazing photos you want to show off to your friends?

The Digital Underwater Photographer course can be done either as a specialty during your Advanced Open Water course, or as a separate course after certifying as Open Water Diver or higher! 

In the one day course you will learn how to take the best photos and what to look for when scuba diving, and of course you get the chance to practice loads during the course. 

After getting your certification, you can (1) take better quality photos, (2) enjoy the dive more as you will be able to make better memories, and (3) once looking for jobs in the dive industry, obtain one as an underwater photographer!

The question remains, is it worth it? Well, it is just a few hours, and you get a lot of knowledge which you will be able to apply in any dive, at any dive site, and at any point of your dive career. 

If you would like to follow this course, contact us today!

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