Emergency First Response Courses

Emergency First Response Courses

We hope to never be in an emergency situation, but if we are, we need to be prepared. 

We offer three Emergency First Response courses in English, Spanish and Dutch.

- 1st, there is the Primary and Secondary care course, which include the basics of Cardiovascular - Pulmonary Resuscitaton, splinting, choking, use of barriers, shock, spinal injury and serious bleeding management, and much more about the first steps in a situation.

- 2nd, there is the Care for Children course, which is all of the above applied to babies and infants.

- 3rd and last, there is the CPR/AED course, which teaches you a little bit more about CPR and explains how to use an AED, on babies, infants and adults.

Did you know? You need proof of certification when using an AED in Andalucia. If you use one and you do not have a license, you can be facing juridical consequences.

These three courses can be taught in one day, which will be 5 hours of interactive teaching and learning in a fun way.

If you would like to learn more, please do not hesitate in contacting us.

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