Scuba diving for kids!

Scuba diving for kids!

Scuba diving is for every age and gender, which is why there are programmes and courses especially for kids who love the ocean! Here is a recap of what your kids can do:

🤿Bubblemaker: For kids aged 8 and 9. Perfect programme to discover breathing underwater in a safe environment, going with an instructor per kid, and to play underwater games whilst swimming around. Perfect activity.

🤿Discover Scuba Diving: For kids aged 10 or older. This one day programme let's them not only discover the world of scuba diving, but also put into practice some skills underwater. At home prior to the activity they would have to go through some theory, ideally with the parent, and then join us for two dives in a very safe environment. 

🤿Junior Open Water Diver: For kids aged 10 or older. This official course gives your kids a certification recognised worldwide. They are the same skills taught in the Open Water Course, meaning as soon as they turn 15 they can receive the Open Water Certification allowing them to dive down to 18 meters. 

But, what if they aren't into scuba diving? We have something unique to offer you:

🧜🏻‍♀️Discover Mermaid Diving: For kids aged 6 or older. Yes, your kids can become mermaids or merman! In this one day programme they get to discover the magical world of mermaiding, trying on a real tail, learning how to swim with it, how to blow bubble kisses and bubble hearts and how to spin around as a real mermaid, splashing everyone!

There are many more courses your kids can do, but these are the most common and enjoyed ones by little ones. 

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